Hi friend!

Your friendly neighborhood theater-makers here! We’re gearing up to make more stuff in 2019 and 2020 and although we’ve cultivated relationships with brilliant writers, found venues, hired creatives, and made the budgets we still need one last thing: You! (Don’t you feel special?!) 

If you’ve seen our work before- fantastic! You know how committed we are to making work that is loud, fast, and in-your-face whether it’s generating remixes of classic plays or cultivating the voice of a new writer. If not, you can read more about us HERE, HERE and HERE

Ok, ok, enough about us. We’d love to tell you about two major projects we have coming up: 

First up, Graham Techler’s THE TYCOONS. Set in 1902, it’s a sordid tale of ambition, greed, and gluttony tracking the rise and fall of members of New York high society. As the characters’ Machiavellian deliberations unfold, we begin to see them for what they are: the forebearers of late-stage capitalism and the spitting image of some of today’s most nefarious market manipulators. Sounds serious, right? Wellllll yes and no. Because as penned by the mischievous, rapier-witted Graham Techler, the play takes the form of a hyperactive, farcical comedy successfully skewering its target with playful, effervescent humor and a flair for the preposterous. (Almost as preposterous as three families controlling as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the US population!!!) 

Talene Monahon’s (Apologia, The Government Inspector) docu-play HOW TO LOAD A MUSKET is the sum of years of her research on the lives of American war reenactors. At first intrigued by the novelty of Revolutionary War reenactors in New England, Talene set out to explore this unusual and consuming hobby and its relationship to theatre. What she discovered was far more complicated and led to a deep dive into Civil War reenactment, American rituals, and the moments of our history that we can’t stop reliving. Developed at the Cape Cod Theatre Project and Northern Stage, MUSKET approaches its delicate subject matter with tenacity and a keen eye and unfolds as an insightful, yet never judgmental meditation on patriotism and collective, generational trauma.

Both pieces, radically different in style and tone, approach our present moment from unconventional perspectives, and force us to reflect on the ugliness of our American past, while turning a hopeful eye to our future. 

Shepherded by top-flight directors Max Friedman (Midnight at the Never Get) and Jaki Bradley (Playing Hot) and starring some of our very favorite actors, we have never been more excited to get started!

We are truly proud to present this exquisite pair of new plays by two writers making their New York debuts.

Join Team LTR! We can’t do this without you. Our goal is to raise 40K to make these two shows a reality. Make a tax deductible donation today. We might even throw in some cool perks


Team LTR 
Rachel, James, Jenna